Two miles of beautiful Sea of Cortez coastline paired with 5,000 acres of gently sloping hills, meandering canyons and beachfront plateaus.

Nature’s most majestic landforms merge with the mountains and the sea on the property of Las Barajitas. From a private family retreat to a master resort, Las Barajitas presents endless possibilities and opportunities.

Beyond the beautiful 360-degree coastal and mountain views, the sea itself is vibrant.

The island of San Pedro Nolasco lies ten miles offshore, beckoning divers and anglers with its thriving marine life. Whatever the dream, the natural topography assures consummate privacy, beaches of paradisiacal proportions and undisturbed natural beauty for generations to come.

Las Barajitas is as near or far from civilization as you want it to be.

The property is located 270 miles south of the U.S. border and about five miles north of San Carlos. An international airport located between San Carlos and Guaymas receives daily flights from U.S. cities. Las Barajitas’ proximity to major U.S. and Mexican cities makes it easy to reach, but out of the way to the masses. Click here to view map.

Photos of Las Barajitas.